At Franconia Church of Christ, we have a rotation of lay leaders. These are members who have stepped up to the plate to give sermons and design the service. Meet them, check out their message.

Susan McClain

Susan McClain has 35 years of experience between musical theatre and music ministry.  She is a recent resident of the area, having moved up from Massachusetts and looks forward to serving the Franconia Community Church of Christ.  Her goal is to offer a choir opportunity to the community to provide music for special occasions and worship services.  Please contact [email protected] if you would like to participate!

Cindy Berlack

After their son, Ronnie, a U.S. Ski Team athlete, died in an avalanche while skiing, Cindy and her husband Steve founded BRASS .

Pastor Emeritus Bill Briggs

Bill Briggs, retired minister and owner of Sterling Works, marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. during the Civil Rights marches of the 1960’s.  He enthusiastically supports young people, motivating them to become “movers and shakers” for their generation.  He would love to speak to student groups, of any size, on the importance of marching and how from his experience it is both important and effective.  His passion is Honduras Hope, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of Hondurans in the Yoro area.

Paula Herbert

Paula Herbert taught 8th grade English for 21 years and currently owns Love.Yarn.Shop. in Bethlehem. She has two grown sons and lives in Franconia with her husband, dog, and cat. She enjoys knitting, cooking, skiing, snowshoeing, kayaking, and hiking.

Robin Lubguban

Robin Lubguban teaches Math at Lisbon Middle and High School.  She is “Tutu” to three grandchildren and enjoys knitting, camping, hiking, snowshoeing and skiing.

John Vail

John Vail has worked as a carpenter and social worker.  He has a Masters Degree in Divinity.

Robert Owen Williams

Robert Owen Williams plays tuba in North Country Community Band, Whitefield Town Band, Lancaster Town Band, and the Summertime Marching Band (where he sometimes plays trombone instead), as well as various small groups and special occasions such as TubaChristmas .  He sings in our church choir and the White Mountains Camerata and plays recorder, teaching a recorder class at White Mountains Community College.  He composes music primarily for band.  You can check out recordings of his compositions at
Aside from music and working for the church, Robert enjoys hiking and playing board games and leads a Hike and Game event several times a year.