On February 23rd, Paula Herbert and Robin Lubguban, presented in Pembroke, NH, at the Prepared To Serve conference on Lay-Led Ministry:  A Model for the Future?  The workshop was attended by 12 people from various congregations around the state, all of whom are either dealing with levels of financial difficulties or who support the idea of lay ministry.  Paula and Robin shared the past two years history of lay-led ministry at the Franconia Church, several articles and on-line resources regarding congregations who are practicing lay-led ministry, the Manual on Ministry’s chapter on Lay Ministers, and several organizational techniques used in the church.  It was a useful and lively dialogue and one that will continue as the face of our congregations is changing to meet the challenges of today.

The highlights of the council meeting on February 24th, were the mission statement that was approved, and the budget which provided for a new dishwasher and a part-time administrative assistant.  Kathy White and Paula Herbert will be interviewing people for that position, which is posted on indeed.com 

We welcomed Judy Lukasik to the Mission Board and Marsha Luce to the Trustees.  All other board members remained the same.