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What began as a need to spruce up the pavilion and grounds around the church is growing in to a full-blown Garden ministry. With the enthusiasm and hard work of a small group of people, and the support of many others, the gardens are evolving into a place where loved ones can be remembered, events can occur, and purpose and peace can be found.

New picnic tables, spruced up pavilion, and vegetable garden all making the grounds look inviting.

Memory gardens: Perhaps the most important aspect of the gardening will be developing gardens and placing trees in memory of loved ones. The church had established “Hilda’s Garden” several years ago with transplants from Hilda Smith’s garden after she passed. We have planted blueberries and transplanted peonies in memory of Marcia Herbert, and planted apple and pear trees in memory of Pat Strange. We will be putting in a herbal garden in memory of Miriam’s mother, showcasing the sculpture, “Devotion,” by Robert Phipps. We will be planting a tree in memory of Paula Giocobbe and her son.

Community Garden: We have tilled at small section (approximately 14 x 24) to allow the children to plant a pumpkin patch and gardeners to establish a cutting garden to supply flowers for the altar during the summer. We encourage others to have a plot in this area.

The Robert McLachlin Pavilion: We replaced boards and repainted the pavilion. Home Depot and a donor have donated four new picnic tables which will be painted in the spring. We will be establishing a better bed for the tables to sit on in the spring, also.

Church Rally Day BBQ at the newly painted pavilion.

Wildflower Garden: The Wildflower garden was seeded and signage was put up this past fall. We planted a flowering crab donated by Liz and Roger Shaw in the spring. In addition, we have plans to house a donated gardening shed in this section.

We are very excited to make our grounds a place of beauty and peace, as well as a welcoming space for the community and visitors. If you would like to help out, call the office at 603-823-8421 and leave your information or email the church at and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.