A big welcome to our new Music Director Susan McClain.  Susan comes to us with over 35 years of experience between musical theatre and music ministry.  She is hoping to build the choir and believes everyone can sing, so please come hear her and join her in raising the roof with music. Her goal is to offer choir opportunities to the community to provide music for special occasions and worship services. Please contact her at dspkmcc3@gmail.com if you are interested in participating.

Music Director, Susan McClain

You may have noticed some activity on the church lawns this summer.  Our “beautification” project has included taking down the dead pine near the road, painting the main sign, painting the pavilon, attaching the handicap signs to the building, putting solar lights on the steeple, adding benches, extending the front gardens, creating hosta beds along the side of the church, establishing a wild flower meadow, planting several lilac and forsythia, a Dana Hovey pear tree, a MacIntosh apple tree, a Honey Crisp apple tree, and four blueberry bushes–two Patriots and two Blue Crop.  In addition, we moved the fire pit to the lower field and marked off what we hope will become a community garden.  Thank you to all our helpers:  Tim Williams, Elaine French, Robin Lubguban, Miriam Russell, Oliver Ruff, John Vail, David Strange, Sue Strong, Paula Herbert, Tracy and Sandy Herbert, Cindy Berlack, Jordan Stavre, and Kathleen White.

On the inside of the church we have also been busy.  The Wednesday Supper continues to go strong, averaging 57 per night.  We have a great group of committed volunteers:  Tracy and Sandy Herbert, Sally Armstrong, Mike and Evelyn West, David Strange, Kirk, Marsha, and Cayden Luce, Brenda and Chris Dube, Sue Bouchard, John Vail, Bill Mellekas, and Kathy White, not to mention all the folks who pitch in to set up and break down!

We have also been cleaning out rooms and tailoring them to our current needs: the study and the storage rooms have been overhauled. Thank you Marsha Luce, John Vail, Paula Herbert, and the ubiquitous Sue Strong.